Hiking and snowshoeing trails


«LE SENTIER pédestre NEIL-TILLOTSON hiking trail» 

The management of the network of hiking trails is the result of a collaboration between the municipalities of East Hereford and Saint-Herménégilde, as well as Forêt Hereford.

Admittance is free but its upkeep depens largely on donations to the Foret Hereford charity fund,  which is in charge of managing the network. Thank you for your support!

Practical advice:  Cellular waves are limited, before leaving, download the trail map on the Ondago application, the GPS will allow you to find your way along the trails


The Relais-refuge du Vieux-Panache is a daytime shelter open to everyone from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. It offers a common room with wood stove and a toilet.

However, take note that it is reserved for rentals between 3:00 p.m. and 10:00 a.m.


the are two access the hiking trail

1- East Hereford entrance (open year round)
Located only 22 kilometers from Coaticook.  Parking will be to the right at 557 chemin Coaticook.


Trails accessible from this entrance:

  • Sentier Neil-Tillotson 7 km leading to the summit of Mount Hereford (14 km round trip), intermediate, panoramas (including The Lovers Bench and The Three Ladies), access to the Old Panache refuge, 400 m vertical drop, interpretive panels, valley of the Chabot creek
  • Sentier de la Chute 0.4 km,to admire the beauty of the Donat Falls and the Chabot creek, interpretive panel
  • Sentier des Anciens 1 km, unique views of the Donat Falls and the Chabot creek, surprising landscapes in proximity of the parking lot
  • Sentier des Coteaux 1.3 km,hiking on hillsides ridges, a mountain experience of short length
  • Sentier du Cirque 1 km (au kat km 3.8 of the Neil-Tillotson Trail, near the refuge), 75 m high cliffs, boulders, panoramas (including the Yellow Birch panorama), perfect loop for those not wanting to hike to Mount Hereford’s summit


2- Saint-Herménégilde entrance 
Located only 17 km from Coaticook.  Parkingislocated at 2020 chemin Centennial in Saint-Herménégilde. 

  • Sentier des Géants (ascend of Mount Hereford, vertical drop of 200 m) 2.5 km, interpretive panel, panoramas (including the panorama of the mountains), stone staircase (for the Giants!), possibility to see at least twenty Giants (our big yellow birches with fairy shapes), easy mountain trail
  • Sentier des Urubus (descent of Mount Hereford), 3.3 km, a panorama of the Urubus not to be missed, trail laid out on the bedrock (roche mère), passages into fault lines, intermediate, bird watching, beautiful forest
  • Sentier du Cirque 1 km(at 3.8 km of the Neil-Tillotson Trail, near the refuge), 75 m high cliffs, boulders, panoramas (including the Yellow Birch panorama); you can also decide to do the Circus Trail via the Neil-Tillotson Trail (add 5.5 km and about 2 hours to your hike starting at the Saint-Herménégilde parking)

Camping is prohibited throughout Hereford Forest. Both camping and caravanning are prohibited at the summit of Mount Hereford at all times.

Closing dates in the fall of 2024

Hiking and mountain biking trails on forest roads will be closed on the following dates to allow hunting:

  • September 28 to October 4, 2024 inclusively
    (moose bow hunting)
  • October 19 to 23, 2024 inclusively
    (deer black powder hunting and bow hunting)
  • November 9 to 24, 2024 inclusively
    (deer rifle hunting)

Hunters avoid trails sectors during the deer bow hunting and the small game hunting but it still is important in all seasons to wear brightly colored clothing, to be visible, and to stay on the trails.

The Centennial Drive, the Mont Hereford summit and hiking trails in the Donat Fall area (East Hereford) remain open at all times (sentier Neil-Tillotson up to km 1.1, sentier de la Chute, sentier des Anciens, sentier des Coteaux and sentier du Camping).

For certain sectors and dates, the closing periods are different for the mountain bike trails managed by Circuits Frontières please check with the organization: www.circuitsfrontieres.com