The Vieux-Panache refuge


The Vieux-Panache refuge, built in 2019, is located in the center of the Hereford Community Forest. It is accessible to hikers, backcountry skiers, snowshoers and mountain bikers.

Its large covered gallery and common room offer a unique view of Mont Hereford and its summit.

On-site: Woodstove, fire starter, firewood, kindling, and an axe (the last three items in the outside woodshed). A large pot to heat water on the stove is included.

  • Without electricity or running water. Non-potable waterpoint: a 175-meter walk from cabin.
  • Open to all non-motorized users as day-use shelter.
  • No dogs allowed inside buildings.


Where does its name come from?

This building owes its name to a moose antler found during the exploratory work on its future site. The old antler has been carefully preserved and restored so that visitors can feel welcomed! You will also notice old barn wood (planks and beams) in some places in the building. This wood was recycled during the demolition works of an old Hereford Forest barn, that was about to collapse on Highway 253 in East Hereford. Today, the only things that remain of butcher Mederic Marquis’s barn are its stone bridge, the mountain bike trail La Grange (signature trail that pays tribute to our heritage builders) and these old pieces of wood in the Vieux Panache refuge.