With its 16 kilometers of hiking trails, three of which lead to the top of Mont Hereford, Forêt Hereford offers a great number of habitats suitable for bird-watching. The mature mixed coniferous and deciduous forests, the numerous points of view on the valleys and at canopy level as well as the summit with its colder climate allow for varied observations.

Two sectors with parking lots can accommodate you:

East Hereford sector: displaying very diverse habitats with a beautiful variety of passerines; warblers, woodpeckers, scarlet tanagers, nuthatches, vireos, wrens, thrushes, etc.

St-Herménégilde sector: with mature forest, cliffs, northern climate and panorama of the valleys offers a variety of warblers, birds of prey, vireos, waxwings, wrens, etc.

Good observation times throughout the year, but particularly in the Spring during the migration of many species. Please refer to the ebird site for details of sightings already reported and also to register your sightings if desired. (https://ebird.org/region/CA-QC)

Free admission. Take note that cellular network access is very limited.

IMPORTANT: See the “Hiking trail” section in the “Access and activities” menu for a chart of trails, a trail map to download as well as on-site Services. (https://www.forethereford.org/fr/sentier/index.php)

Forêt Hereford is fortunate to rely on the contribution of our volunteer ornithologists: Les Miroiseurs, who carry out various interventions in the Hereford community forest. You can contact them at miroiseur.fh@gmail.com