The governance model of Forêt communautaire Hereford is inspired by the "Community Forest" initiatives in New England states of the U.S.A.

Everyday management of the expansive Community Forest is handled in close cooperation with the municipal teams of East Hereford, St-Herménégilde, and the MRC of Coaticook. In other words, elected officials, dedicated stakeholders and citizens form the backbone of the territory’s governance.

The decisions and actions of Forêt Hereford are taken with a view to sound management of the property, and with a focus on the cooperation of the community and the active participation of the partners sitting on the consultative committees that have been formed, i.e., the Users’ Committee and the Forestry and Conservation Committee.

The property must be managed transparently in accordance with the objectives of Forêt Hereford, and while keeping in mind the established vision, yet without jeopardizing the organization’s ability to respect its significant financial and conservation-related obligations. Because it wishes to support regional economic development, Forêt Hereford encourages the local economy in its purchases and its contract-awarding decisions.