Mission and vision


Hereford Community Forest is a large private forest managed by and for the community. Its component properties are owned by the Nature Conservancy of Canada (Neil and Louise Tillotson Nature Reserve, dominant tenement) and Forêt Hereford inc., which is the charitable organization responsible for managing Hereford Community Forest at large. This charity status enabled Hereford Forest to receive this generous land donation as part of the estate of Neil Tillotson (see History). The charitable purposes of Forêt Hereford are as follows:

  • To acquire and possess Mount Hereford and its adjacent lands with a view to preserving the forest’s ecological and wildlife balance and ensuring the perpetual conservation of its biodiversity;
  • To showcase the community forest’s ecological riches by means of interpretive panels that introduce the public to basic principles and methods of forest conservation and restoration;
  • To regenerate degraded forest areas ...;
  • To conduct basic or applied research on the forest and on sustainable forest management, and to disseminate the resulting findings;
  • To maintain and develop a network of trails on the site enabling the public to engage in physical activities such as mountain biking, hiking and bird watching; and
  • To donate funds to registered charitable organizations ... that conduct applied research on the forest or its plant or animal wildlife.


The forest’s development is guided by several regional planning instruments (MRC of Coaticook, SADC de la région de Coaticook, etc.) and is central to local efforts by the Three Villages, for whom it holds strategic importance.
Forêt Hereford is currently the largest property owner in the entire MRC of Coaticook!

Forêt Hereford est maintenant le plus grand propriétaire foncier de l’ensemble de la MRC de Coaticook!


Forêt communautaire Hereford (FHI) promotes cooperation between users in order to foster their harmonious cohabitation while also respecting biodiversity and the rules and restrictions associated with the Forest Conservation Easement and the forestry activities that take place on the property. The organization’s intent is to make the property accessible to the community for outdoor recreational activities, while following best practices in recreational and tourism management for forest settings. Establishing partnerships, conditions of use, and codes of conduct is essential in order to reconcile the interests of different users.

FHI wishes to offer an enjoyable natural environment for the recreational use of the local, regional and touristic communities. To do so, it focuses on preservation of the forest landscape to ensure that the territory will remain a premiere destination for a variety of enthusiasts.


The aims of Forêt communautaire Hereford (FHI) are to:

  • Enhance the quality of the forest while preserving its ecological and wildlife balance.
  • Ensure that its biodiversity is preserved on a perpetual basis.
  • Sustainably develop its forestry, wildlife and maple product potential by applying best practices in forestry management in keeping with the Forest Conservation Easement, and by promoting harmonious cohabitation with other users of the property.