Public consultation


For safety reasons, Forêt Hereford must proceed with the demolition of the Andrews school building located on Owen Road near the intersection with chemin des Côtes in St-Herménégilde.

This building, also known as the "Little Red School House", has suffered extensive damage over time and is no longer salvageable. We will therefore proceed with its demolition over the next few months.

Your suggestions, comments are welcome:

  • If you have documents, photos, etc. relating to this building, we are interested in collecting and keeping them to preserve the memory and history of this school;
  • If you have any suggestions for local contractors who could carry out this demolition, as we would like to work with people from our community;
  • We would read with pleasure any other comments that you would like to send us.


In closing, a project is underway to highlight the history of Owen Road and this site is part of it, so we will make sure to preserve its memory.